Nov 19, 2009

YouTube - Simple way to upload your videos!

YouTube – Simple way to upload your videos!


Don’t you have patience to visit YouTube every time and go through several steps to upload a video? Here’s the simplest way to do it.


Either it be a personal Video in your mobile or one in your computer, you can upload it to YouTube by sending one simple eMail. You have to do a one time ‘Mobile Setup’ activity at


How to do it?


1)      Needless to say, you need to visit YouTube and login with your username/password.

2)      Go to “My Account”, look for “Mobile Setup” in the list and click it.

3)      You can get a personalized eMail ID from YouTube for uploading videos. Have a note of this eMail ID.


That’s it; you got it.


Now you send any videos to this eMail ID, you will see it uploaded as your video to your YouTube account. The subject line of the mail becomes the title for your video.


Important Note: GMail allows a file transfer of 20MB whereas most of others allow a max of 5 MB file transfer. Please consider this while trying upload this way.



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